The space consists with movement. It is the electromagnetic fields that make this space experienceable. In addition to the entire spectrum of the electromagnetic field, it is above light and sound that make this space experienceable for human.

Works in the Electromagnetic Spectrum:

790 THz-
430 THz
Visible LightAll Installations and Events
2455 Mhz Microwave Gun 2016 Eleonore Linz
2400 Mhz Funkfeuer 2001 - Starting this Community WIFI with Silverserver, Team Teichenberg and Aaron Kaplan
1694 Mhz Meteosat 5 1990 Aperto Biennale Venice, 1993 Stubnitz, 1987 Krems, 1991 Triennale Milano, 1992 Kunsthalle Bonn
1421 Mhz Hydrogen Astronomy1993 - 3m Dish, Contained Linz, Eferding OOE, 30 Meter Dish Katzow
900 Mhz non stop 1994 - 3 People 3 days nonstop communication
607,25 Mhz Channel 38 Rotting Apple 1994 Dead Dog Gallery, 1992 Stubnitz, 1991 Salzburger Kunstverein
599,25 Mhz Channel 37 The Electronic Gallery 1994 Dead Dog Gallery, MAK Vienna, Werkstadt Graz, Salzburger Kunstverein, ars electronica, Ferdinandeum Innsbruck, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Ok Linz
495,25 Mhz Erreger Silber auf Leinwand 1992 Stubnitz, Freihaus Vienna, Stadtwerkstatt Linz
144,8 Mhz Packetradio 2003 - 2007 Medienkunstlabor Graz
137 MhzNooa Weathersatellites1998 Ars Elecronica
27,255 Mhz Packetradio Tonga1997 Stadtwerkstatt Totes Gebirge
10 Mhz consume and communications 1986 Gallery V u V Vienna
7067 khz7067 Its not a Test2016 Eleonore Linz
16 HzHuman Loop 1986 Gallery V u V Vienna