There was a lot of balloon starts, always with the wish to escape from earth


A illegal Radiotrasmission Radiostation from STWST


Reichweite 04 - A project of the media art laboratory in the Kunsthaus Graz. A balloon sent images in the 23 cm range from the radiation sphere live to the earth. The project was carried out with the help of ham radio operator.

With a camera to the stratosphere


A balloon became carrier of DNA material. Over 200 people made hair, plastic strips and hair roots and these were stuffed into a balloon. The balloon was launched during the STWST 48 festival. Since there is too little air pressure in the stratosphere, the balloon explodes and the small particles of the hair get an electrostatic charge due to friction with the plastic strips. With a little luck, a particle will be charged so that it rises further. And if the hair particle is lucky, it will rise above the stratosphere, then be caught by the solar wind and reach the orbital escape velocity.

fx and taro filling the Balloon
Shu Lea Cheang was launching the Balloon


Infolab Mycelium Network Society - Taro Knopp , Franz Xaver and Shulea Cheang starting a balloon during transmediale Berlin filled with mushroom spores. Mushroom spores have so little weight that they can leave the earth due to thermal buoyancy