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 A illegal Radiotrasmission [[http://​versorgerin.stwst.at/​sites/​default/​files/​pdf/​Versorgerin_0111_web.pdf|Radiostation ]] from STWST  A illegal Radiotrasmission [[http://​versorgerin.stwst.at/​sites/​default/​files/​pdf/​Versorgerin_0111_web.pdf|Radiostation ]] from STWST 
-=== 2005 === +=== 2004 === 
 +Reichweite 04 - A project of the media art laboratory in the Kunsthaus Graz. A balloon sent images in the 23 cm range from the radiation sphere live to the earth. The project was carried out with the help of ham radio operator. 
 +{{ :​5.earthview:​reichweite04.jpg?​400 |}}
 [{{ :​5.earthview:​snapshot_3.jpg?​400 |With a camera to the stratosphere}}] ​ [{{ :​5.earthview:​snapshot_3.jpg?​400 |With a camera to the stratosphere}}] ​