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 +=== 2015 Balloon DNA === 
 +A balloon became carrier of DNA material. Over 200 people made hair, plastic strips and hair roots and these were stuffed into a balloon. The balloon was launched during the STWST 48 festival. Since there is too little air pressure in the stratosphere,​ the balloon explodes and the small particles of the hair get an electrostatic charge due to friction with the plastic strips. With a little luck, a particle will be charged so that it rises further. And if the hair particle is lucky, it will rise above the stratosphere,​ then be caught by the solar wind and reach the orbital escape velocity.
 +[{{ :​5.earthview:​img_20150906_013914688_veraendert.jpg?​400 |fx and taro filling the Balloon}}]
 +[{{ :​5.earthview:​img_20150906_073304147_hdr.jpg?​400 |Shu Lea Cheang was launching ​ the Balloon }}]