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Hydrogen and The Free Will

In context of “New Media Art”, “Quantuum Theorie” against the Informationtheorie of Claude Shannon. We are running a streaming server with entropy sources without laws of nature in the micro and macro cosmos. You can use this streaming sources to build your own acausals projects. We think it's very important to bring physicals against the determinism of the IT and Internet. We are organized in a organsisation there we are running a informationlab to force spontanous actions and the free will. In a long term determinism and the internet will destroy our free will and in consequence our soul.

You can find our streaming server which is based on data from outerspace and the world of quantuums here: The first stream is based on datas which are received by a DIY 3 meter radiotelescope. The tones you can here at the audiostream are hydrogen harmonies triggers by hydrogen emission of our universe.

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