In this overview of my work, the list of exhibitions is not important. Rather, the structuring of the content of all works is the important thing. The maker things starts at the kinetic and ends in cybernetic with the information as a central question. In between, the media-art network discourse contains many inventions and ideas of my work.

The nature and the process of art

Everything is nature. 1974 i builded a table with a grass surface. I did it to mix my technical inventions understanding of things with the questions of nature. And i did it every time in my live. Computercode, Natural Sience and Algorithms agains nature. The Process and the learning as a tool to shift the life.

With the informationtechnoligy based on Claude Shannon, our world become smaller and and smaller, the determinism is rising. But in a deterministic world there is less space for more inventations and creative ideas. But we as artosts want to be creativ an make new things. This things make our individual characters. Dont be depressiv now. Fortunately we have as blur the freedom of thought and art. Lets fight for the receipt of meaningless information. Lets lie against the determistic world. Lets punk. It is the basis for our utopia.

The way in to the future is in the digital phsyics

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