Pameal Neuwirth, Markus Decker, Franz Xaver

Searching for paralleluniverses

This Peace was shown at the Field Exhibition in Riga and was developt in kooperation with our currator Armin Medosch,

Noise is the absolute information of everything.

The setup:

A Camera was pointed to a Monitor. The Camerasignal is been modulated to a Frequency of 620 Mhz, RF-transmitter was sending this signal to a reciever ca 5 meter away. A electrodynamic is build in this 5 meter. Between this antennas a Lord Kelvin Generator was build up. This apparature is building a electrostatic field of thousands of volts only with Water and is interfering with the electrodynamic field of the broadcast.

In the optical distance between camera and monitor a was a mirror places. This mirror particular reflecting the light back to the Camera. for

noisi field. feldrauschen

fuer fields -armin medosch

feldkreuzung statisches und dynamische elektromagnetische feld

Here you see drops of water moving not directly in the can. The electrostatic field is moveing them away