2014 Infolab

I start the infolab in the stadtwerkstadt 2014, after a lot of discourse and work with the information technology, networking and open/free software

the eelhotal in the Danube

eel hotel developed for stwst

Information or evolution - The question is what was first this. A demosntration of developing information is the project eelhotel i developed for stwst. In the black sea and also in the Danube there eels not in the natural way. the only place where you can find eels born in the nature is a a very small river in north and in the east - rhine. Because this rivers are endng in the north and baltic sea. Eels are swimming the the sargasso sea to breed themselves. My and only my theory is: The breakthrough between Blacksea and Mediteranian sea was anly 800 years ago and the eels doesnt know there is a new Sea.