2002 Silverserver

Starts in 1994

Since 1990 I have been working on independent information networks. See The Electronic Gallery In my environment, there were several approaches (the thing.net, Blackbox, t0.or.at). I did not agree with the emerging funding policy. So a network of “creative companies” seemed to me the solution to earn money to Run our labs. This structure makes us independent of politics. Silverserver was fast in a federation with other companies which also used Linux as router hardware. VBS (Vienna Backbone Service ) was founded: Atnet, inode and Silverserver.

  • 1994 the first permanent ISDN line to the VIX (vienna Internet Exchange)was established.
  • 1995 the first darkcopper lines with DSL technology used.
  • 1996 the first 50 funk modems bought since then i work ed on wifi technique