New Media Art vs Process Art and Generative Art

What is Net-Art?. New-Media-Art is sick and the discourse sucks. Art comes from artificially and with a new discoursecan become again the utopia of information society again. Art is very important because it's the only way to abstract information.

Q: Why we should analyze new media and the nature of information?
A: Because Information is the thing which describe our world and reality.

On this site you can find my work in relation to art and inventions - my work is;

  field research:                       New Media or Process Art!
  field research:                         Critic of the internet!
  field research:                    Net Art und Hacking culture!      
  field research: Infolab - What is Information - what technology and creativity?

In the field to nature art maybe looks strange. It is the creation of the new, the possibility to abstract things. It takes not the long way over the evolution. It is the reflection of the present. The “not knowledge” and the will “to learn”, the failing and the new experiments. Art brings us hope, inventions and utopia. On this page you will find a discourse with contemporary materials and situations, shown in some exhibitions and laboratory situations.

Workshop and Labs are the most important places to create new things and position in our Society. The first workhops was in a small room in upper austria continuing then the lab for Visual Media at the University of applied Art followed by Kunstlabor. Silverserver. Medienkunstlabor in Kunsthaus Graz and the Infolab of Stwst in present. This site is the conclusio of all my work with Technologie. At the end stands the question about what is information.

Infomation is the most important thing we have. So you have to register to browse this site.

In age of algorithm in the information technology become a pseudonym a question of survive - saving the free will and individuality. Franz Xaver is not my real name but here my ID card for this name.  .

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